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Request for help with code

Dear Sir,

I would like to compliment the whole Osmose team for the effort they have taken to provide it open source. Thank you so much. Moreover, I would like to employ OSMOSE model for my project. I had downloaded the open source code, but the code seems huge to understand the whole structure /algorithm of the model. Hereby, I would like to request whether I would be able to get any algorithm/pseudocode of the model to understand the process behind it. Also, is the OSMOSE2R package in R already published? Is there any manual or structure to use this package further for analysis?

Thanks in advance,



As for now, the only available documentation is already online in the Documentation section of the website, and mostly concernes Osmose input parameters and output files. We are working on guidelines for general presentation of the Osmose model and the Osmose2R package.

Hopefully a draft should be online by February 2016.

Cheers, Philippe V.