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Query regarding input paramters

Dear Sir,

As part of my project, I am trying to employ OSMOSE model in it. In the model you have given grid mask  and species-wise distribution map as input parameters. Can you please tell me how we can create this csv file ? Is it bathymetry data of southern Benguela region? Kindly help me in this.

Thank you in advance, Regards, Sruthy

Dear Struthy,

The Osmose default configuration is indeed based geographically on the Souther Benguela region, but does not intend to be biologically relevant, it is just to examplify how to build a configuration with Osmose.

Osmose does not provide any tool to create the distribution maps of your species. Depending on how you get this information for your configuration, you will have to write your own R or matlab routine to generate the CSV maps.

If you want more details about the map configuration, please check the documentation http://www.osmose-model.org/documentation/description-input-parameters-o...

As for the grid, again I invite you to check out the online documentation (http://www.osmose-model.org/documentation/description-input-parameters-o...). You must define the geographical extension of configuration. Then you must think carefully what should the spatial resolution of your grid and for each cell define whether it is land or ocean. Osmose does not provide any tool for automatically generating grid files.

As I mentionned in a previous post, extensive documentation is under progress and should be made available within a month or two. t should clarify many underlying concepts in Osmose.

Cheers, Philippe