Implementation of Background Species

Hey all,
I want to develop a model where background species serve as intermediate trophic level organisms that occupy each grid space during each time step. When including background species parameters, do they go in the same .csv file as the key species (see example below), or should there be a separate file dedicated to all background parameters (like the ltl file)? 
Thank you!
Matt Woodstock

Hi Matt
Regarding your general questions, you can put background species parameters anywhere you like. I would advise though to put them in a separate file, for instance osm_param-background.csv. If so, you will need to include this file in the main configuration file by adding:
I also looked at the problem you met with background implementation, and there was indeed a bug in the code. It has been fixed now. However, I think you misses something in the parameterization of the bkg species.
Indeed, bkg biomass should be provided in a CSV file (as you did for bkg0), with the columns being the length (in cm) of the background species. You will also need to add a "movement.bkgspecies.class.mapX" parameter, that defines to which class index the map is associated with. If you consider only one size class, then it should be 0 (i.e. first index).
I might need to have a look at other possible issues with background species, and when it is all clear I come back to you with a new executable.