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How to run the packages "calibrationEA_0.1" and "osmose2R_0.32"

Dear Sir,
Recently I am working on the OSMOSE model for my project, however, I couldn't find the way to calibrate the parameters with the packages "calibrationEA_0.1" and "osmose2R_0.32". Would you tell me how to run it in details and more information about  "calibrationEA_0.1" and "osmose2R_0.32"?
Lei Xing


calibrationEA and osmose2R are still work on progress packages and we put them online for our close colaborators but I am afraid there are not ready yet for a public use. The documentation is on its way but I cannot say whether it will be published within a few weeks or a few months, sorry about that.

You may contact Y. Shin be email though if you want to let her know more about your project and discuss the possibility of a colaboration.

Regards, Philippe