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Configuration with ROMS-NPZD forcing

I'm working to prepare a configuration for osmose that should running under a ROMS-NPZD forcing.
I read you had already such configuration. Is there a way, if it is not incovenient of course, to provide a template for the input files? I'm particulary interested for the template of netcdf files forcing the LTL biomasses over years,  and year steps. Therefore, I saw on the documentation that the corresponding plugin (ROMS-PISCES) to use expects as many netcdf files as time steps per year. Does it mean that forcing values for i-th time step of each simulation year are the same?
I would also ask for the meaning of the variable "ltl.netcdf.var.plankton.plk# = SPHYTO".
Finally, which tool can you advise to create and edit netcdf files?
Thank you.

See below the template for the ROMS Pisces configuration file as attachments. The template is for a climatology run (Osmose loops every year over the same series of NetCDF files). If you want to go for interannual configuration, the only thing to do is to fill up the list of NetCDF files, as many as you want as long as it is a multiple of number of time step per year, and update the parameter ltl.nstep
Let's say that you have 24 time steps per year in your Osmose configuration. Indeed you need to provide a minima 24 NetCDF files, one per time step and set ltl.nstep = 24. In such case every year of the simulation the LTL biomass for the i-th time step will be the same. If you provide more than 24 NetCDF files - let's say 120, for 5 years of data, you set ltl.nstep = 120, you have ltl.netcdf.file.t0 to ltl.netcdf.file.t119 pointing to your NetCDF files. If you run your simulation for 50 years, Osmose will loop over the plankton biomass every five years.
Cheers, Philippe